Cyber Monday FAQ

I'm wanting to purchase the Hot & Healthy Habits 12 Week eCourse AND a yoga mat, but it's not letting me?

  • The 12 Week Course has to be purchased separately. Since the eCourse is connected to a members only site, the system won't trigger your information correctly if bought together. We know this takes a few extra minutes to purchase both items, but it will be worth it! ;)

Are the Shorter Better Workouts the same workouts that come with the eCourse?

  •  Yes! The Shorter Better Workouts (8 Weeks of Workouts + 4 Cardio Workouts) are the same workouts that you receive as a FREE BONUS when you register for the Hot & Healthy Habits 12 Week eCourse! Therefore, if you're already purchasing the eCourse, you do not need to purchase the workouts separately. 

Can I purchase the Hot & Healthy Habits 12 Week eCourse for myself and someone else?

  • Absolutely! We have lots of family members (sisters, moms, etc.) that do the eCourse together!

    During checkout you will just select 2 for your quantity. Once your payment goes through, just shoot us an email at with your friend's name and email and we will make sure the system properly adds her to the members only site.

    If you're wanting to do this as a gift/surprise, we will send her an email welcoming her to the eCourse and letting her know that you have purchased the eCourse for her as a gift! If not, we will just send her an email welcoming her to the eCourse!

If you have a question that wasn't answered above, reach out to us below and we will get back to you ASAP!