The #HHHGirl  photo shoot is open to just 20 women who are going to the HHH Retreat, and will start at 12:00PM after the Sip & Shop Brunch, and last for 2 hours. If you're interested in being a part of the photo shoot please fill out this form here and we will send you more details closer to the retreat! The 20 #HHHGirl photo shoot spots are first come first served, so secure your spot now! 

What is this photo shoot for?

The Hot & Healthy Habits brand is not only about clearing up the confusion around food, health, and fitness. It's also about promoting body diversity, community, and fun! And you know what? Having pictures of only Amanda and Ander on the HHH website is not a true reflection of the entire wonderful, awesome, and diverse Hot & Healthy Habits community. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see more pictures of women having fun that look all the women in the #HHHCommunity? We think so!

Keep a look out for the pictures from this photoshoot on our website, social media, future emails, and products! You'll pretty much be the ultimate #HHHGirl after this shoot! 

How much will this photo shoot cost me?

We're sure you know professional photo shoots cost thousands. But not for you! The entire photo shoot for you is FREE if you've purchased a retreat ticket! All you have to do is be one of the first 20 women to fill out the form here to secure your spot! #workit #yassss

More details on the photoshoot (what to wear, what to bring, hair and makeup, how you can personally use these photos, etc.) will be sent out in a separate email to all #HHHRetreat girls!