#NAHCookbook (Original)

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Nacho Average Healthy Cookbook number 1.png

#NAHCookbook (Original)


20 recipes for people who would totally eat healthy if it was easy and didn't taste like cardboard.

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Sneak peek at the recipes below!


RICOTTA & RED SAUCE PITA PIZZA: Quickest, easiest pizza on the planet. Delicious to boot!

PORTOBELLO & GOAT CHEESE SANDWICH: Heaven on a ciabatta bun.

EASY-PEASY BACON PASTA: Yes, we said bacon, and we mean the real stuff.

SMOKEY BLUE BURGER: Full of flavor, and no, please don't hold the cheese.

QUICK VEGGIE MINESTRONE: Fresh, simple, quick soup recipe that's an easy make-ahead meal for busy days.

KALE BLUE SALAD: A creamy, flavor-bursting salad that you can make in just 5 minutes!

SPAGHETTI & FETA MEATBALLS: Feta and sun-dried tomatoes make these meatballs anything but ordinary.

HOT & HEALTHY NACHOS: Star of the show and our favorite party food!

CHIPOTLE LIME TACOS: Our favorite shrimp taco recipe when we've got a craving for Tex-Mex and little or no time!

TUSCAN FRIED EGG BOWL: For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this dish packs in veggies and the perfect protein!

LOADED VEGGIE MAC & CHEESE: A new take on mac & cheese that'll have you enjoying a childhood favorite guilt-free!

PERFECT PATTY MELT: The perfect, simple recipe for this classic burger.

AVO QUESADILLAS: Before avocados were on toast, they were in tortillas. What better way to enjoy them than in a quesadilla?!

RIDICULOUSLY EASY CASHEW HUMMUS: Repeat after us: "I. Can. Make. Hummus." You'll be a pro in about 10 minutes flat!

SEARED SESAME GROUPER: This quick recipe can be used with any white fish. Make room for a new favorite!

SWEET CHICKEN SLOPPY JOES: Crock pot magic! Our favorite scratch-made sloppy joe sauce with shredded chicken. Yes, please.

GUACAMOLE SALAD: Imagine a huge bowl that tastes like guacamole, but with a quarter of the calories *all the heart eye emojis!!!*

SHRIMP FRIED RICE: Packed with veggies and protein, this is one of our go-to one-pot dinners!

PORK & POTATO SKILLET: One skillet, so many flavors! This is a savory dish you'll be making on the regular.

CROCKPOT CHICKEN PARTY DIP: Our favorite crockpot chicken recipe amped up and ready to party!

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