Shorter Better Workouts (8 Week Workout Plan)

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Shorter Better Workouts 8 Week Workout Plan.png
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Shorter Better Workouts (8 Week Workout Plan)


Here's what you'll get:

  • 8 jam-packed weeks of workouts designed to make you strong, more fit and more energized in only 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week!
  • 4 strength-training workout each week! 2 upper body workouts (a high intensity and moderate intensity) and 2 lower body workouts (a high intensity and moderate intensity).
  • New sets of workouts every 2 weeks!
  • No gym required! The only equipment you need to achieve maximum results is a good set of dumbbells, a resistance band, and stability ball!
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Can I Do These Workouts If...

I'm pregnant? The Shorter Better Workouts have been a favorite for women expecting! However, we do encourage you to talk with your doctor first to get cleared for exercise. Because safe exercise guidelines for pregnancy differ for each person based on the health status of both mother and baby, you should also obtain specific guidelines for you to exercise safely during pregnancy. Once you have these guidelines and a thumbs up from your doctor, it's time to get excited! There are so many health benefits to exercising during pregnancy, including a faster return to pre-pregnancy weight after delivery. We can't wait to help you achieve these benefits through these workouts!

I'm training for a long distance race? Absolutely! These workouts are great for building muscular endurance while also helping you build and keep lean muscle that you would normally lose during training (just by the nature of long-distance running). We also provide distance runners with tips and modifications! 

Still not sure if these workouts are for you? Check out these testimonials below!

"Week 5 upper body HI - I love these workouts!! Being so inexperienced, I love having something to follow and learn from!!" - Lori F.


"I find that these workouts take the perfect amount of time and I actually LOVE doing them with low or no weight!" - Samantha M.


"I just need to say it again - I LOVE these workouts! Every muscle is worked and I finish feeling energized and STRONG. What a great way to start my day!" - Kelly P.


"Love these workouts! I feel like it's exactly what I've needed to lose this weight. The fact that it changed every two weeks is helping at keeping me motivated. I love that it makes me sweat the entire workout also! I have been noticing my biceps are coming back as well as my core strength! Strong makes me happy!" - Maggie V.


"Lower body HI done! Love the quick workout but the max sweat!" - Chrissy L.


"Even though I didn't workout as much as I wanted on a weekly basis, I did the majority of the time and feel these workouts really helped me lean out!" - Holly E.


"I just wanted to say how much I love, love, LOVE that the workouts have a pic of each exercise on the page. It makes my workouts fool-proof!" - Kristen S.


"Post upper body HI workout. Soooo challenging but I loved it! I love that the workouts change up every 2 weeks! It helps me not get bored and keeps my muscles guessing!" - Taylor B.


"Can I just say how much I love these HHH workouts! 😍  I have never had a problem building up a good sweat when working out, but these workouts are setting new records!" - Kristina N.


"Was on my way home from work and totally NOT feeling the upper body MI workout I had planned. BUT I DID IT! Love that they are short because it is so much easier to talk myself into it when I'm not feeling it!" - Colleen O.


"Woke up this morning thinking OH MY QUAD! 😁😱  Yesterday's leg HI workout was no joke. Love it!!" - Jana R.


"I love that I can get these workouts done in 30 minutes so it's hard to have an excuse plus they're fun and different!" - Aria M.


"I love that the workouts switch up every two weeks. I definitely need that to keep from getting bored!" - Michelle M.


"I did lower body HI last night and for the first time in a very long time my GLUTES hurt when I walk! lol I love & hate it at the same time! These workouts work FOR SURE!" Kiesten A.


"That upper body workout MI is no joke! I think my new fav triceps exercise is the one from today!" - Rebecca A.


"I absolutely love how I can do the workouts at home and they are relatively short but still feel like I'm working!" - Julie K.


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