Each week, for 12 weeks, a new session will be available in your members only site where we talk you through each new Hot & Healthy Habit, complete with activities and fun discussion questions designed to hold you accountable and gain true self-acceptance.

You'll get:

  • A deep dive into the 10 Hot & Healthy Habits, including the #Core4 Habits that will make or break your nutrition and fitness success.
  • The latest evidence-based, research-backed information about how to really stay healthy without dieting or hours in the gym.
  • Membership to the private Hot & Healthy Habits eCourse Facebook group.
  • Fun weekly assignments, bonus resources, and a chance to win some pretty great prizes!
  • Access to the eCourse program for the life of the program.

Please remember. This eCourse is not for someone who is wanting a quick fix. This is for women who are tired of the yo-yo dieting roller coaster, are ready to learn why diets haven't worked for them in the past, and are ready to make peace with food and love their body (finally!).