Finally put an end to food and body worry by learning how to make peace with food. 

Where #OMGNeverDietAgain goes one-on-one.

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Not everyone needs nutrition therapy. But if you've been through the Hot & Healthy Habits eCourse and now you want to go deeper, take it a step further, and get more specific by exploring food, nutrition, and body issues, one-on-one with a professional, then this is your chance! 


Traditional nutrition counseling in the past has focused on what to eat, when to eat, calorie and/or macro tracking, and some form of a meal plan (aka: A DIET). This is Hot & Healthy Habits, so clearly we’re not about that life. (Remember #OMGNeverDietAGain? Yeah, we're serious about that!)

During our time researching the Hot & Healthy Habits approach, we saw nutrition counseling evolve into the more advanced and effective approach of nutrition therapy. In nutrition therapy, we assist you in exploring the thoughts and feelings connected to your relationship with food and your body. We’ll tackle food and nutrition myths head-on, teach you the science behind what’s going on with your body (good news: you’re not broken!), and discover how food nourishes both your body and your mind.


We use the process of Intuitive Eating to help you discover your internal knowledge around your body and eating, tackle medical issues in a manageable way, and meet your goals without dieting, without supplements, without detoxes and cleanses.

Registration opens Monday, July 11 at 7 AM CST

Because this service is time-intensive and hyper-personalized, we only have space for 10 individuals to sign up. Have questions about if nutrition therapy is right for you? Shoot an email to and we will help answer any questions you have!

Already know this is for you? This beta test will sell out so grab your spot now! 

This beta test includes 4 sessions, all taking place virtually via our telehealth software, and will be comprised of:

 A 60 minute consult + 15 minute consult follow up ($180 value)

Two 40 minute follow up sessions ($90 each, or $180 total value)

As a beta tester, you'll be providing valuable feedback that will help us fine tune our software and nutrition therapy practice. In exchange, we're giving 10 people the deal of a lifetime--50% off!

When we roll out nutrition therapy services to the public, the price for this 4 session package will be $360. 

Beta test price for 10 lucky individuals: $180! 

Registration opens Monday, July 11 at 7 AM CST

So glad you asked! A beta test is when you test drive a new program before we release it to the public. For nutrition therapy, you'll be test driving two things: (1) a new software that we'll be using to book appointments, store files, set and track goals, and other cool and innovative ways to monitor your progress, and (2) the process of nutrition therapy itself.   

You'll provide feedback that will help us make our nutrition therapy service the very best it can be when it's offered to the public in 2017! In exchange, we're giving you this service for half off + you get early access! 

Registration opens Monday, July 11 at 7 AM CST

Work with Hot & Healthy Habits co-founder, former nutrition professor, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Ander Wilson!

Read Ander's personal story about quitting diets forever and becoming healthier than ever here!

What is an RDN?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (aka: RDN or just RD), is a health professional that has extensive nutrition education and training. An RDN must meet all of the following minimum criteria: bachelor's degree, post-graduate clinical experience, pass a national exam, and maintains at least 15 hours of continuing education each year. At minimum, this takes about 5 years. Many RDNs, including myself, also have a masters degree, adding up to 6-7 years of school and training.

Isn’t that the same as a nutritionist?

All dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians. When you see someone using the term “nutritionist” without “dietitian” or “registered dietitian” in their name or credentials, be wary.  There is no standard definition for “nutritionist,” whereas an RDN has a legal definition. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and use both descriptions, RDN and nutritionist.

What's the deal with all these other so called "nutrition experts" then?

Many so called “nutritionists” and self-proclaimed “nutrition experts” have certificates—not degrees—in nutrition from online certificate programs. These certificates require as little as attending a weekend seminar to enrolling in a one year non-accredited online program. Some don’t require any training—all you have to do is a write a check! Whether you work with Hot & Healthy Habits or someone else, always ask if the person providing nutrition therapy or nutrition guidance is a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Registration opens Monday, July 11 at 7 AM CST