• You're more likely to give up on your goals.
  • Body shaming yourself into losing weight doesn't work. A 2013 study from Florida State University found that this so-called motivation tactic actually increases a person's risk of becoming and remaining overweight.
  • Women with high levels of body shame report higher amounts of infections, poorer overall health, and more frequent digestive trouble and headaches.
  • You could end up like your 75 year old aunt eating low-fat cheese and a rice cake for lunch, on her 60th year of "watching her figure," who still won't let people take her picture.


This isn't just for skinny people or fat people or fit people with a history of eating disorders or ex-models or teenagers. It's for ALL OF US. Because there's not a single person who isn't affected by the insane pressure to look different from the way they look right now.

There also isn't a single person who will not suffer the consequences if they continue to live under the lie that they are not enough.

Forget that crap.

If you've got a life to live, dance floors to tear up, cute clothes to wear, a career to dominate, swimming pools to jump in, brunch to eat, kids to raise, relationships to develop, or tacos to eat, then #HHHBodyPositiveWeek is for you!