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Join six unique women from diverse backgrounds and experiences as they share how they came to a place of body acceptance. You’ll hear stories from body positive change-makers, mental health experts, fitness professionals, and social media influencers. Together with the panelists, you’ll explore the intersections of body image and culture, faith, patriarchy, race, and health during a powerful session of truth telling that will leave you forever changed.

Panelists: Corissa EnnekingAna Rojas Bastidas, Ashley Easter, Krystal Clark, and Rachel Estapa.
Moderator: Lauren King, PSYD.



Join a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, fitness professional, and business coach as they share how they engage and wrestle with mental health in their work and their personal lives. They’ll be discussing the connections between mental health and physical health, including gut issues, diets and disordered eating, depression and anxiety, and more. Learn about the breakthroughs panelists have made in their own lives and supported in the lives of their patients and clients, by taking charge of their mental health.

Panelists: Vania Manipod, D.O.Renee Burwell, LMSWAmanda Adams, and Carol Jones.
Moderator: Lauren King, PSYD



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Panel 3: Making Peace with Food

You know that diets make people less healthy, and the idea of not dieting sounds like a dream, but what does this anti-diet, intuitive thing actually look like in different people’s lives? This panel is your answer. Hear from a variety of experiences, including former “clean eating” evangelists, former intuitive eating skeptics, people living with PCOS and thyroid disease, health experts, and more. Laugh, cry, and be inspired as you learn how women are overcoming and thriving as they make peace with food.

Panelists: Rachel EstapaMarjorie Crawford, Ander Wilson, MS, RDN, Krystal Clark, and Mary Hyatt.
Moderator: Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN.


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