Check out what current #AntiDietGladiators are saying!

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"Hot & Healthy Habits changed my life. There is life beyond diets. There is beauty in imperfection. You are allowed to write your own script for total wellness and develop a routine that works for YOU. It's been a whole year since I started this journey. Oh how I wish I could let you all see my thoughts from before HHH to now. So thankful to be free from the unhealthy mindset I was a slave to for so long." - Chelsea N.

"I need to express the most immense, massive, indescribable amount of gratitude to every one of you in here and to this eCourse! This is the very first year in my adult life that I honestly have no regrets, no 'should haves', no guilt, no negativity toward myself or toward this last year. No 'resolving' to create 'solutions' in the year to come because I am not a problem that needs to be solved!" - Beth M.


"No more binging or sneaking "not healthy" foods or starving myself or obsessing over calories or macros or whatever. I look at my body every day and smile because I love it. I'm not beating myself up for what I didn't do, but instead celebrating what I DID accomplish. I know who I am and I'm proud of it. THAT is the important part and my greatest take away from this program." - Didi D.


"This eCourse helped me find my love of fitness again, get over my fear of food, and decide that I want to try and do better by myself - starting now. Some of that acceptance comes in fits and starts but it's coming. And I am so thankful." - Jennifer B.

"This program has been really great for me in that the Core4, and nutrition habits have been eye opening in a way I never imagined. And they have been so helpful! I stress less, I'm kinder to myself, less guilt, all that good stuff!" - Elyse C.


"This program is completely changing my life! I've been more productive and far less stressed just focusing on these few things." - Anita O.