Lights! Camera! Workiiiiiiiit girl! 

Have you ever seen those fun photo shoots with pizza floats and balloons and thought to yourself, "Man. That looks like so much fun!" Well we are here to tell you... IT IS!! This year at the Hot & Healthy Habits Retreat, we want you to be a part of one of our favorite parts of running Hot & Healthy Habits--our hilarious, cool, slightly awkward (but always fun) photo shoots!! So, grab some sunglasses, a graphic tee that speaks to your soul, and get ready to laugh (a lot)!

You might be thinking, "Wait... WHAT? A photo shoot? Me? Are you KIDDING?"

Right now, it might seem silly to you. And you know what? Photo shoots are silly (at least the fun kind!). But this weekend is more than just learning about nutrition and finding workouts that you like. It's much bigger than that. It's about shutting out the voice that's told you, "Shhhhhh!" and "you can't do that!" over the years. It's about living your life the best way you know how, and not waiting on anyone's permission to do it. It's about letting loose and having fun, just because you want to! It's about surrounding yourself with other women who are also fighting to find that inner happiness again. So let's celebrate this moment together with a super fun photo shoot that will no doubt be the best dang retreat send-off ever!